Humanity's Last Hope

Humanity's Last Hope


Viole P. Fantasy

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The story of "Humanity's Last Hope" happens in the 22nd century, in a future where magic was discovered by a mysterious scientist and then perfected, humans using it in their everyday life.
However, after the humans started relying on magic, the scientist that discovered it disappeared, leaving behind him the phenomenon called "The Corruption".
The Corruption started transforming humans into what ordinary people started calling the "corrupted", which were capable of using strong, dark magic.
Now, the rest of the world is fighting the Corrupted Army, to save the world and reestablish peace.
The story follows the protagonist Dusk Aome and his best friend, Hikari, studying at the Senma Academy and preparing to become soldiers, so that they could participate in the ruthless war that's been bothering the world for years.


Tags: revengehumorousseriousexpertmagemale leadsoldiermagical worldwarweak to strong
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Afterword after first volume

~ Hello everyone, it's your beginner writer Viole P.!

Hope you liked the first volume of "Humanity's last hope" as much as I did, and please look forward to what I am planning to do in the future with my future books!

 I am sorry if the action seemed repetitive, after all, it kinda was. The World Remake series was an alternate s……


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