Unleashing Her Demon

Unleashing Her Demon


Annie Gold Paranormal

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You do believe in happiness ever after, right? And yet you believe in world destruction?
If you think wars are terrible, then how about this?
Mated to a cruel monster with a stone-hearted and cold aura.
One simple rule guarded my life and it was living my life to the fullest but all my plans got smashed when I stumbled upon an Alpha, mysteriously dangerous.
Dark mind!
Dark soul!
Dark heart!
And I'm in danger of being rejected!!
Now I have to protect him with the last drop of blood in my veins.


Tags: city
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Chapter one hundred and twenty

Beryl's POV

As I walked back to the gate, I realized that almost the whole pack were gathered at my gate singing praises and hailing me. I smiled through the crowd as my eyes searched for any signs of Caroline, but I found none.

Waving and greeting the old women and young ladies with a permanent smile on my ……


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