Healing Poison

Healing Poison


Francis Kayamba Suspense/Thriller

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When the middle African regions are ravaged by a deadly disease outbreak of unknown origin, the World Health Organisation gets very concerned about the possibility of the outbreak spreading to the rest of the world. It decides to send its top experienced scientist Professor Brutch Bulchi on the ground to find a cure and stop the spread of the outbreak, but Brutch’s determination of finding a cure results in him falling sick himself.

During this time of sickness, his long-time colleague Professor Madeleine Welsh seizes the opportunity to shine and be the champion of the outbreak. The World Health Organisation doesn’t know whether it should wait for its top scientist Brutch to recover or support Madeleine but the outbreak doesn’t wait for the World Health Organisation’s decision. Death toll and new infection rate are increasing on a daily basis.

An alternative solution for a cure is desperately needed while the World Health Organisation is still divided between waiting for Brutch’s recovery and supporting Madeleine. During this desperate moment, the local health authorities decide to take matter in their own hands.

Will it be Brutch, Madeleine or the local health authorities to find a solution to this fatal disease outbreak of unknown origin?


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