Mated To My Alpha Triplets

Mated To My Alpha Triplets


Emem Paranormal

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Leigh who literally became a princess overnight was excited about her new life and prepares herself to get along with the children of the Lycan King, on getting to the palace, she's met with the hottest triplet brothers and as much as she knew she shouldn't ogle, she did.
“ We don't mind sharing you,” Atlas whispered into her ears as her back pressed against the wall, the two brothers towering over her. With complicated mate bond and love ties, she begins to date and hook up with the two oldest.
After getting pregnant, only then did she realize that she had been played on and her emotions had been toyed with.
“ It's me. I'm the one who did it,” Archer the last triplet whom she hated most among the triplets saved her and her mom. Gratitude turned to mate bond and mate bond to love and when these two fall in love with each other, only then do they know the extent of the strength of a mate bond.


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Chapter 5

Leigh's POV

I sat down opposite mom in her private room with her maids serving. She had called me in to discuss something. I didn't think she knew yet.

“ I and His Majesty were discussing your marriage,” mom spoke as she sipped her tea cup elegantly.

“ What marriage? And to who?” I questioned.



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