Jade the Conqueror

Jade the Conqueror


Author Wonder Fantasy

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🌀🌀🌀Jade the Conqueror 🌀🌀🌀

🖊️🖊️🖊️ Written by Wonder🖊️🖊️🖊️

♍♍♍ Synopsis ♍♍♍

After witnessing the death of his Entire Clan, The Vragon Clan!
Jade has become a ruthless warrior, Some call him a monster, Some sees him as a Villian who is the only warrior who wants Revenge against the Six Ultimate Clans and the Empire, He has watched his father beheaded.

Jade has grown to be more powerful than his father ever was, To serve his purpose of ultimate Destruction, His hunger for vengeance and Obliteration...He has created an Organization of dark hearted warriors.

Coming from the race of powerful beings, Vragon warriors, The most Destructive and brute force in the entire Cosmos, Their name and personality strikes fear and chaos through out the entire Empire.

Growing stronger every time, Unstoppable, Unbeatable!

Stronger than ever until he meets his brother Jace...!

Will he be responsible for the Destruction of the Empire?

Will the Almighty Jade become worst than his father? The Rage...The Anger, The Aggression... Listening to the sorrows of his enemies, A once lovely kid will soon become the Author of complete Destruction...

Shall the Prophecy of the Conqueror be fulfilled?

Who shall bear the powers of the Ancient James of the Vragon Clan?

The world shall know pain and sorrow, The Complete Obliteration be averted, Shall the Seven Demons of Terror be Awakened...!!

After the Destruction of the Vragon Clan, The world has never know peace and happiness, Sorrow and Terror has ruled all this long...Craig Vragon, Jace Vragon and Jade Vragon...The Brothers of chaos.

Who shall be the next Conqueror?

Will a broken and dark hearted being become a pure hearted being? Or will he create more Chaos and pain, Will the sacrifice of his friends and family be in vain?

Found out in this Story?


Tags: revengedarkwarriorstraightevilmagical worldStary Writing Academy III
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The happy chuckling sounds of The twins spread out as they both emerged out of the Cast……


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