The Lancaster

The Lancaster


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A family of four moved into a mansion, hoping to finally settle down and watch their happy family grow, little did they know the house they moved to has it's own dark history and they weren't safe any longer.
Strange occurrences started happening to their daughter but soon those dark appearances starts to get physical.
A family mysteriously died in that house without any traces to their killers, thinking that all would go with the past.
would they survive or become part of the house's history


Tags: darkfamilygoodgirlstudentbisexualmysteryboldhighschoolsmall townschool
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Chapter forty four: THE END

Candice parked slowly in front of the mansion and got down from the car, she stood still for a while and let out a heavy sigh, she heard honking and she turned and saw a car moving towards her direction, it was Patrick, he parked his car behind hers and got down from the car.

“So this is it huh?” Patrick closed the car door as he got down ……