The Xalinor Chronicles

The Xalinor Chronicles


Ashdenroth Fantasy

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When Jake Riley reads an ancient incantation inscribed on a mysterious map, he is teleported to the fantasy medieval land of Xalinor. Blessed by a Goddess, he becomes the ruler of death.

Will he be able to unite the 4 races to fight against a common enemy or will he choose to slay all who oppose his will?

The road to salvation is often paved with blood.

"What are you? " asked the prince.

"I am your greatest nightmare. I am a Necromancer."


Tags: adventurepowerfulno-coupleotakugame playermedievalmagical worldsuperpowerweak to strong
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End of Days

“Lesser Teleportation!” Jake escaped moments before Mike shot out a charged blast from his laser pistol. He had cast the skill so abruptly that it took him to a random location.

As the black mist faded, he looked up and found himself lying on the ground, inside the Arcadium. He couldn’t move his right arm and it hurt to even tilt his n……