The Quest

The Quest


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LGBT+ Writing Contest

"No, don't go," he said wincing in pain, tears pricked in my eyes. unable to witness such a scene.

"You need help Christian! I can't fix this on my own" I plead with him to let me go but he pulled me closer

"You are enough" he smiled painfully, and held the back of my head pulling me closer to his face, then he kissed me

Never knew that my life would take such a turn, I'm an ordinary outcast of the school? would get to kiss the guy that didn't even know I existed? they say life is full of surprises and it can't be truer than this.

Meet Pete Night, an Asian-American boy who was born and raised in America, he is an introvert meaning he loves being alone and despises human contact. there is only one person who can break down the walls that Pete built around himself and that's best friend Hunter Steen. a weirdo to match with the introvert

Christian Martinez is a mystery, a very handsome mystery. no one knows why he fights or why he is so closed up, he rarely interacts with anyone who isn't from his group of friends but he is more than what meets the eye.

The two of them are hurled together into something that both of them could have never imagined. something magical, something extraordinary.

maybe it was destiny or maybe it was fate that their different worlds collide together in a very unexpected way


Tags: possessivefriends to loversmatetragedysweetbxbwerewolvesmythologyfirst lovegorgeous
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