Becoming Invincible By Going Invisible

Becoming Invincible By Going Invisible


SnowOnSummer Fantasy

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The world has changed.
Dungeon appeared one by one and the value of humanity is renewed.
If you are not powerful enough to enter the dungeon then you are nothing.
Those who conquer the dungeon will earn fame and riches.

I who has a useless skill 《Unimportant Existence》 is considered as a useless person. Nobody wanted to party with me as my skill couldn't help me search for a party. Left with no choice, I entered the dungeon alone. I swear that I will become invincible by going invisible!


Tags: killerdarksystemaloofbxgsupernature earthsuperpowerLitRPG
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The beginning

The world has been taken aback by the sudden system notification. The boss arc is like another nightmare like the prologue. Many dungeon divers live were lost inside the dungeon when it occurred.  Those who didn’t get the allocated quota to enter the dungeon secretly feel relieved that they managed to escape death by a hair’s breadth.


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