Race of Dragon and Wizard

Race of Dragon and Wizard


Negative Flash Fantasy

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A person lives a normal life in the world. He lost his lover, parents, job, everything. At last he hates to live in the normal life in the world. At that time unknowingly he reincarnated into a small wizard.
It was a whole new world, there are witch and wizards as well as dragons and the wizard group and other people are tries to take a magical stone which gives most powerful magical spell.
The spell gives us more power than anyone in the world and immortal. So to achieve it many people tries but no one got it so easily.
After hero reincarnated into the new world, how he is going to survive in this world and protected the magical stone or he achieved it. It is the remaining story.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationplayboywitch/wizardbxgloserswordsman/swordswomansword-and-sorceryanother worldweak to strong
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After finding Calen middle of the forest, Danny started to move towards her to fight as soon as possible. And people on the outside watching with fear inside their heart, because this battle is not just going to place a new ruler for this kingdom also every single people’s life and fate are going to be decide by this battle. Everyone’s hearts……


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