Abused, Broken and Rejected

Abused, Broken and Rejected


Sunshine Princess Romance

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"I Dylan Blackmoon of dawn moon pack, reject you, Cassandra Tiberius as my mate and Luna," Tears ran down my face as soon as those words left his mouth. I fell on the ground as I watch him leave and I screamed.
Dylan and Cassandra are from opposite worlds, different ranks and status. Will they fight to overcome the challenges ahead? Secrets and dangerous plots are uncovered in their journey and just who can they trust?


Tags: alphapregnantmateplayboybadboypowerfulbxgwerewolvespackrejected
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Book 2 Epilogue

I'm happy that things are working out well, not only with Dylan but the city, the supremacists are crowning me as their princess, and the festivities to celebrate have been ongoing.

Dylan is with me and so is the rest of the family.

After being crowned as the rogue Queen, I spent weeks in the city before coming back home at Dawn moon……


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