Reincarnation of Ashura

Reincarnation of Ashura


Author Wonder Fantasy

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In the Course of Ten Thousand Years, The Soul of The Ashura, The Goddess of War, Fueled by Anger, Chaos and Destruction, The Raging Soul of Ashura has wondered around in the Realm of Absolutely Nothing.

Having being betrayed by her fellow gods, The Once Goddess of Peace and Love has become the Goddess of Terror, Reincarnated into a Mortal Body, Ashura has swore to take revenge and bring down the Realm of the Gods.

With Blood and Chaos Flowing through her bloods, The World shall feel the taste of her wrath, The Gods shall understand what is like to feeling the chaos of the Personification of Destruction and Terror.

Being the Host of the terrifying Goddess of War.

Crystal's life is about to change for the Worst, Possessing Powers and an entity daring even to the Mightiest of the Gods, Crystal has been marked for complete Destruction and Obliteration into Hell.

Will the Destruction of the Gods previal?

Will Ashura take her revenge and reduce all the Divine beings into Absolute Nothing?

Will the Great War and Chaos be unleashed Against the Human Race?

For the God Slayer, Host of The Lady of Destruction, The Goddess of Warfare and Chaos, The Ashura's host shall storm into the world of the gods and unleash nothing but Destruction and Chaos upon thy world...

Who will come out victorious??


Tags: revengereincarnation/transmigrationsportymysterydeityhighschool
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Chapter 3: The Nightmares

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Heads littered the ground as bodies laid in thei……


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