The Hidden Heir's Love

The Hidden Heir's Love


Lov Obog Romance

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Ragar Annister had lived all his life in a place of such great beauty that it can be called a paradise, with only a blind man as his companion and a rich land to tend to. His life was as simple as it could get and though he tried to be content, a persistent desire for something more gnawed at him. Then, he got what he hoped for. What would be the next for him?
Sierra Gauthier’s life was entirely devoted to training and becoming the most skilled assassin in Sinag. Unbeknownst to her, her talents served the cause of evil. Alongside her twin, she served one of Sinag’s Lords, Sergio Aldaine, in his quest for the throne. Their loyalty was absolute, and they were ruthless and unstoppable. But an unexpected encounter with a stranger had her awakening from the spell and she will never close her eyes from that point on…never again.
Their fates were intertwined, destined for greatness and to rule. They were the ones who held the key to restoring the lost kingdom of Sinag. For years that it is at war—famine, destruction, killings, and loss—there is finally hope. But they have to move soon, they have to act quickly because the most hateful servant is coming and if they are not prepared, they will perish in the hands of the wicked.


Tags: badgirlwarriorroyalty/noblebxgmageLord of the Ringsmagical worldfirst lovegorgeouscrown prince
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Chapter 110: Until I die

Looking down at his hands, Ragar feels like he’s sinking, pulled into the depths of a vast ocean with no hope of resurfacing. The responsibility that lies with him now is too heavy, the burden was truly immeasurable. He wanted to respect Srugor’s decision of not letting him take the throne. It was clear that the man knew something since depr……


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