The Shadow of Issu

The Shadow of Issu


Apollo E.C. Hill Fantasy

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The duty of a bladesworn is one of unquestionable abidance to his master. Such is the first code of the blade.

Far East, in a time before an expansion of a great nation, the land of Issu stands in isolation. Copious with deep valleys, winding rivers, and all forms of untamed life, the land is breathtaking as it was barbaric, tempered only by the discipline of those who lived in it. Akha, a Bladesworn, was entrusted to a master of a mere fourteen years. During an important ceremonial rite that he was to undertake far into the mountain, word came upon the death of his young master, by which he was accused responsible.

Masterless, hunted, and stripped of honor, Akha finds himself in the shores farthest from any civilization. Upon learning a shot of redemption, Akha must travel across the continent to regain his honor, enact his vengeance, and complete his broken rite.


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“The storm brews...” He whispered, with a tone of unbelief. Akha had thought it would come two days after, but now the winds have grown fairly strong that he had decided to leave the beast and take a price after the rain would subside.

He traced his paths back to the River, the closest near the streams that flowed from Atano would be back……