Road Chosen: Sequel Book 2

Road Chosen: Sequel Book 2


kjwhitbread Romance

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Elena was in the crossfire, as a result, she lost a man she’s known her whole life and a man she gave her whole her heart to. Darkness spreads over her, can the light be saved before it’s too late?

Her world crashes down and now she has to learn a hard truth. A truth kept hushed for far too long.

Mike has his demons and someone from his past he needs to face. He has a heart to mend then there’s those items on his list he needs to check off, all while trying to keep what’s left of his light burning bright.

Elena is on the road to self-destruction. Mike is on the road to the unknown fueled with revenge. These two have had their roads chosen for them. Will they stay on it or develop their own path?


Tags: possessiveage gapbadboygoodgirlneighbordramabxgsmall townsecretspassionate
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Chapter 51


Some say that life dealt them a bad hand or was given crappy cards. When I was born, instead of handing me the cards, I’m sure the universe decided to toss them up just to watch as they sporadically land everywhere. Then, left it to me to go around to pick them up wherever I might find them – if I can find them. ……


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