The Seventh Family

The Seventh Family


marmoodarlee Suspense/Thriller

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She is young, beautiful, lost and plunged into danger. He is young, lonely and handsome. When Jane is declared wanted by a mob leader, she finds herself alone and on the run. She meets Jayden and throws herself at him just to escape from Joe, a notorious mobster who swears to get her. Little did she know that meeting Jayden was a vista to a deep world of hidden masters. classified by family names. Now the saga takes a turn into something bigger and love comes in with its vicissitudes. The thriller begins...


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It was exactly 12:00 PM when Fitz’s phone rang. He picked it at once and listened.

“This is Ricardo.”


“We are around.”

“I am around too.”

“Do you have it with you?”

“Why would I come here without it?”

“A simple yes or no will suffice. There are so many reasons that can make y……