Target of Mine

Target of Mine


M. L. Buchman Romance

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-a Night Stalkers 5E romance-

 MISSION: Honduras ranks as the world’s most dangerous country. It’s up to the Night Stalkers to join up with SEAL Team 6 and go undercover on a Caribbean cruise liner to take down a deadly conspiracy.


Crew Chief Drake Roman

— Likes his job just fine, working hard and kicking the enemy’s butt. He never aspired to more, until sent undercover as the ultimate mercenary. Is it too late to channel his inner alpha?

SEAL Team 6 Chief Petty Officer Nikita Hayward

— Lost her past to a mercenary outfit gone bad. Assigned undercover as the mission’s leading lady? Just don’t make her wear a goddamn dress.

 The Night Stalkers fly the stealthiest helicopters in the US arsenal. But when their unique skills land them on a tourist ship cruising the Caribbean, the mission is only just beginning to go south.

 Art dealers, a police sniper working the wrong side of the law, a conspiracy, and a very upset cruise line hotelier are the least of their worries when the heat between them starts burning hotter than the Honduran sun.


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