The Hybrid Fateful Sorrow

The Hybrid Fateful Sorrow


Mitt Hjärta Fantasy

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The story of Amadeus Galiet Licand 28 years old, who despite his young age was awarded a knighthood by the Queen herself. A stubborn skillful warrior although a kind-hearted one, the events that will unfold upon him will show his more cynical and cruel side.

This is one of the stories we are grateful we are not experiencing. His story will start as an escort to a princess with one mistake of deciding which road to take, he will get to meet the very first beast a werewolf that he has to fight and his life will spiral into an endless ruin.

An endless loophole this journey of his will give him a chance to meet delightful characters, he will meet a lovely Elise and an adventure although filled with madness and cruelty of people he will still partake in any given day.

From becoming a monster that will help rebuild and destroy his life, from discovering a portal that doesn't just transport them into a place but also with time, from doing everything just to make his daughter exist in his mad world.

How long can he last in his fight before he fully gives up, and succumbs to madness?

Become a witness to his beautifully mad story he has to offer to all curious readers.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationtime-travelbxgmysterywerewolvesvampiremagical worldrebirth/rebornsupernaturalweak to strong
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