Twisted Retribution

Twisted Retribution


Ginger (Tonya) Science Fiction

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Amanda was a corporal in the U.S. Army when a meteor shower hit the earth and then the infection spread. As she was reunited with her team members and her sergeant, they survive many obstacles along their journey to discover a mysterious broadcast.

When the search for the broadcast led to a dead end, the team gets separated and they start to rebuild.

Amanda and what was left of her team create a community and take survivors in, but then another group, a more aggressive group of survivors, come and try to take out their camp.

Amanda and her team are in a war, not only against the dead that has risen, but against other survivors when an option of a cure comes to light.

Can Amanda and her friends save their community, and the new found cure before the other group can stop them?


Tags: adventure
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Chapter 18

Angrily, Amanda stared at the guards, as she dropped her duffle bag on the ground. She was ready for a fight, as she eyed them, suspiciously. Immediately, Amanda threw herself at one of the men, and he punched her in the face. Surprised, she staggered backwards, as she grabbed her cheek, and another guard punched her in the stomach. As she doubl……


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