He’s Not Yours

He’s Not Yours


N.O Darling Paranormal

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Warning! This story contains some hot Alpha males, outspoken witches and some badass females.
Do not read if you are easily offended!
Derry's life is planning out perfectly, with her dream wedding to her boss just a few short months away she is set to become co-owner of the company she has worked so hard at building for him. Everything is just perfect until she discovers a side to her husband-to-be that ruins everything. Derry's plans to flee become urgent when she discovers she is carrying his child. He can't find out about this baby or she will be tied to him forever. Things are about to get even more complicated when a crazy man who thinks he's a werewolf claims the baby is his and is the heir to his werewolf pack. How will Derry keep her baby safe when she is being hunted by her manipulative ex and a guy who's clearly escaped from a lunatic asylum?
This story follows Derry's journey to self-discovery and the threats her secrets bring to the Young Moon Pack. It is told from multiple points of view.
Due to popular demand, it also incorporates the story of Mickey, a lovable witch, that is struggling with his sexuality.


Tags: alphaone-night standHEpowerfulbossdramawerewolvespackenemies to loverstrickycivilian
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Derry’s POV

Mickey appears in front of me, his eyes scanning over us all one by one. When he gets to Hawk, he lowers his gaze and a flush blossoms over his cheeks. He’s embarrassed. Everyone remains tense and silent, I think they’re waiting for my reaction. From their reactions, it’s pretty easy to guess how Mickey fed Hawk and, surpris……


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