Becoming Chaos

Becoming Chaos


Matthew Spades Romance

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Orphan Kaylene Summers is a typical 18-year-old party girl. One night in a bar, she meets a sexy, young man. Allured by his uncanny beauty, she follows him to the dark.
Unbeknownst to her, the man had ulterior motives. He attacks her, biting her with the intent to kill. She survives with the help of a mysterious, hooded figure. She wakes up the next day in a strange room with all her wounds completely healed.
She discovers that Michael Riverwoods, a devilishly-handsome Soul Dealer, has saved her from a werewolf attack. He shares with her the Other Worlds and its dwellers. He also tells her that her life was about to change as she was to become a lycan herself. Come the night of the full moon, she turns into a fearsome werewolf.
Desperate to find answers, she embarks on a journey to find out why a sought-after criminal wanted her dead. Under constant threat from an evil entity, she abandons her old life behind to unearth the truth of what she is.
Who can she trust in her new reality? What awaits her in the Other Worlds? Will she find hope and love in this altered life? Or will she find only chaos and death?
Becoming Chaos
Book One of the Chaos Series


Tags: kickass heroinebravewitch/wizardbxgkickingwerewolvessupernature earthslow burnsupernaturalweak to strongSeptember Update Program 2023
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Bonus Episode 2

Kaylene Strongheart

In the soft glow of the room, Michael and I continued to explore the depths of our love. Each touch, each caress, was a testament to the passion that had ignited between us. His hands traced a path of fire along my skin, leaving a trail of desire in their wake.

Our bodies moved toge……


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