Becoming Chaos

Becoming Chaos


Matthew Spades Romance

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Kaylene Summers' life takes a brutal bite when a handsome stranger turns out to be a deadly werewolf. Saved by a mysterious hooded figure, she awakens in a strange room, healed yet forever changed. Thrust into the hidden world of the Other Worlds, Kaylene learns she's on the verge of becoming a lycan herself.
As the full moon rises, Kaylene transforms into a fearsome beast. Desperate for answers, she embarks on a perilous journey to uncover why she was targeted. With an evil entity lurking in the shadows, Kaylene must abandon her old life and embrace the truth of her newfound power.
Can she learn to navigate this treacherous new reality? Who will she trust in a world of secrets and danger? Will she find love and hope in the Other Worlds, or only chaos and death?
This action-packed urban fantasy will keep you guessing as Kaylene fights to unravel the mystery and carve her path in a world unlike anything she ever imagined.


Tags: kickass heroinebravewitch/wizardbxgkickingwerewolvessupernature earthslow burnsupernaturalweak to strong
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My Dear Readers,

I am thrilled to announce that three of my novels are making their way to Am@zon this July 2024, and they're available in paperback format!

~ o 0 o ~

1. Becoming Chaos

2. Chaos Rising: Dawn of the Hybrid

3. The Northern Gate: Two Worlds

~ ……


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