Bluepeen Fantasy

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Seeing nothing but the bare self of a girl in his kitchen, his thought suddenly went blank, even her grumbling stomach couldn’t get to him. A strange nude girl in his kitchen was something he hadn’t thought he would see in the next hundred years. She was weird, her long unraveled reddish brown hair was covering her face. Her body held, different old and new scars . And when she lift her eyes to look at him. The eyes was something he hasn’t seen before burning in flames. And a mixture of gold and blue.
In a flash it swipe to deep sea blue eyes.
The mop stick he held fell from his hands, leaving his mouth ajar.
“Who are you?”
He thought a thief had sneak in here, probably a food thief in his kitchen, but he ended up seeing something else.
And she blinked her long and full lashes at him. Innocently.
“Who the hell, are you?” He asked, his eyes running up and down her n***d body again. He gulped down an invisible lump on his throat.
What’s he gonna do? Her stomach growls. And she whined, giving him pleading eyes.
He suddenly felt his knee went weak.
“What are you doing here?”


Tags: demonsecretssacrifice
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“Cheers to a good life,” Mark said lifting his glass on the table. Everyone seated at the table lifted their glasses with a smile, Dixon's hands were intertwined with Maeve as he kept caressing them over the table. She smiled at him. 

“Cheers.” They clicked their glasses. And sips from it. 

Dixon stood up, still ……


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