War of Existence : - The Beginning of Saga

War of Existence : - The Beginning of Saga


Gorkha Warlord Fantasy

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For eons he has wandered. Aimlessly in the cosmos without any reason or a goal. Home but a distant memory in the furthermost corners of his mind. Exiled for a crime most unthinkable, he is destined to walk along with the mortals till the end of times. However, his past comes knocking back at his doorstep and now he has a choice. Either he succumbs to the forces that now chases him relentlessly, or he does what he had failed to do what he couldn't ages ago and find redemption.
nonetheless, it is going to be messy.
His name is Lucifer and this is his story........


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In the parallel of Celestia –

“You failed………..once again.” Spoke Jopiel with a cold voice.

Victor winched and bowed his head in shame. The explosion in the H.Q was powerful enough to crumble the entire mountain. But as if by impossible luck, Victor and Azazel had survived.

Wouldn’t call it luck though, it woul……