Maria - The Blind Princess

Maria - The Blind Princess


Kronus Fantasy

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“What? But you are a blind… Are you sure you want to become a knight?”
“Becoming a general means you will carry the responsibility to protect this kingdom. But I admire your determination. If you can show me you can do that, I’ll gladly challenge you.”

Maria is this type of person - a girl with disability. But with ‘Never give up!’ as the slogan of her life, she will prove everyone that nothing can be impossible for her.

This is a story telling the entire of Maria’s life, from 8 years old until the end of her life in our alternative timeline, where swordmanship and magic coexist with full of undiscovered mystery. Despite many difficulties awaited, will she be able to make her goal come true?

Arc 1 (chap 1-17): The Eurydian Starter (completed)
Arc 2 (chap 18-46): The Avalese Knight (completed)
Arc 3 (chap 47-73): The Revelators of Black Magic (completed)
Arc 4 (chap 74-94): The Blind Princess (completed)
Arc 5 (chap 95-140): The Everlasting Azure (completed)

Author: Kronus
Type of novel: Light Novel (written in simplified english)


Tags: adventuretwistedno-coupleseriousmysterysword-and-sorcerymagical worldcoming of agefriendshipslice of life
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Bonus Chapter - Volume 4

At another world by the creation of The Core, where the story of Maria didn't exist any war and everyone was living in peace.

“Hmm… Which one shall I choose?”

Leonard, who was currently a teenager 15 years old. He was standing in front of a shelf in athe biggest supermarket of Eurydia. The thing was… he would like to surprise his aun……


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