All Started With A Forced Marriage (Completed)

All Started With A Forced Marriage (Completed)


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“You... You don't come near me! Sir, you…. you are good-looking and so rich, you can find any beautiful woman you want. Please, please keep your composure.”
“Of course, women like you would never get in my bed. But you are the selected woman, only you could give birth to my child. “

Bella had been made the laughingstock of the whole city. Taken away by force before she could prove her innocence by the Lord, Charles Williams. The one and only “King of the Sea” and the only duke rising from a civilian in the beautiful British Columbia.

That dangerous man forced her to married to him. She tried everything to get away from him.
But he told her that she could never leave without giving birth to his child...

Hi, my dear readers, my book: Mr. Possessive Guardian: Please Let Me Go! is on the shelf, here is the blurb, hope you like it:
At home, he was her guardian,
In school, he was her professor,
In bed, he was her husband,
Her mother died, and a strange man conquered her home, dispossessed her heritage, and became her guardian and professor.
To her surprise, he even wanted to be her husband!
He used his possessive love and supreme power to lure her heart step by step.
After she fell into his love trap, everything changed...

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Sunday looked up and saw Edwin approaching from the alley.

In the dim light, his eyebrows were somewhat faint, and he did not look as gentle as usual, with a sigh of suffocation.

Sunday looked at the boy who clasped her hands and chuckled: "My rescuer is here. Can you let me go?"

The teenager kissed over regardle……


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