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Earth, the once neutral ground where neither angels nor demons could tread, is now overrun with vile monsters, malevolent spirits and the hordes of lesser demons. In these dark and despairing times, a Reaper will rise to cleanse the land of all evil. He is no ordinary man, but a master of demonology and exorcism.

The land is plagued with natural calamities and brutal mass murders as the 9 kings of hell prepare to invade the mortal realm and unleash the vengeance of Lucifer upon mankind. Only a Reaper can banish the looming evil from the realm of men and restore the cosmic balance.


Tags: second chancepolicebxgmysteryscaryexpertsupernature earthsupernaturalcrimerecklessStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Lucifer had given up his powers, but the Archangels knew he could never let go of his hatred for God. Though his flaming pride had been extinguished, embers of ambition still burned within its ashes. He accepted his defeat with dignity, but refused to repent for his sins. 

The infernal kingdom had crumbled to dust, the armies of hell ……


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