"Monopoly to Mysticism: A Board Game Adventure"


Al Hum Game

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"Monopoly to Mysticism: A Board Game Adventure" is a book that explores the history and evolution of board games, tracing their roots from early civilisations to modern times. The book takes readers on a journey through the world of board games, examining the cultural, social, and technological influences that have shaped the games we know and love today. From the strategy of Monopoly to the mystical world of Tarot, the book delves into the rich history of board games, providing insight into the timeless appeal of these classic pastimes.


Tags: adventureHEconfidentkingbxglightheartedlucky dogdetectivecampuswarcivilian
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The story begins with the discovery of an old, mysterious board game in the attic of a forgotten house. The protagonist and their friends come across the game, which is called "Jungle Quest," and they can't resist the urge to play it.

Chapter 2: The First Roll of the Dice

The protagonist and their fri……


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