Blue Crescent

Blue Crescent


Stacy Mevoli Fantasy

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Amara and Ava are fraternal twins born under the Blue Crescent moon—a phenomenon that occurs once every fifty years when a new male ruler is born to lead the world of vampires, werewolves, witches, and humans.

Ambrosia gives birth in secret for fear of being killed by Gorgon, the vampire ruler who plots to kill all unborn children before the blue moon ascends. However, she was unaware that she has given birth to two daughters. Ava is invisible while Amara is a wolf less crossbreed. In order to save her daughter from the blood-thirsty creatures, Ambrosia sends Amara to the farthest future.

In the present day, the teenage twins finally meet as Macy Peterson and Madison Greene without knowing their bond and all hell breaks loose.

Would their union bring peace to both worlds or a much eviler bloodshed?


Tags: revengetime-travelarrogantstraightrebirth/rebornsupernaturalspecial abilityweak to strong
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Sister From Hell


I was standing on the side of the busy street, still searching for Amara. I couldn't understand why my body was extremely tired and hungry. More than that, I hated it when I saw my reflection looking like Amara—red-haired with straight strands that fell down past my shoulders. My face didn't exactly look like hers, but……


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