Burning Desire

Burning Desire


Deanna Samaan Fantasy

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Cara was an orphan. She lost both her parents in a Rouge attack many years earlier. So the Luna took Cara under her wings and allowed her to live in the pack house under the condition that she would serve the alpha and his family.
Cara must do what they say so she can do her dream and become a teacher. What happens when an accidental meeting in the pack house gym with the future Alpha changes her plans?
Now of both of them have the burning desire to be with each other, but need to figure out how they can be mates it is believed that an omega can not be mates with an Alpha. Can they overcome the odds and be with each other, can her new future include the future Alpha? What secrets do they unlock along the way to be with each other?
“So how are we going to do this, she is a timid little thing.” Thunder says.

I shift into Thunder. And he slowly preys on the little wolf we see. He is going over to a large rock formation near the pond. He is watching her run around. This little wolf really is cute.

As the little wolf is running she suddenly halts. She spotted Thunder. Thunder nods his head at her, trying to show he isn’t a threat.

Then he lays down. She is just staring at him. You can see she is cautious of Thunder. She takes a few steps towards Thunder and then stops. She then sits. Thunder gets up slowly and goes over to her and just stares at her.

“Thunder what is going on?” I ask him
“I’m gaining her trust, now let me work.” He says to me.

I’m watching as Thunder then lays down in front of the little wolf. I can see this wolf really is tiny. No wonder I thought she was a fox.

“She scared because she knows she a tiny wolf.” Thunder tells me.

“She is the smallest wolf I have ever seen. Is she a child?” I ask him.

“No, her human is almost 18. She close to mating age. There is something special about this little one. I’m sensing she has some type of magical force about her.” Thunder says.

“Can we meet her human, so we can find out who she is?” I ask him.

“Her human is sleeping, she wants her to rest.” He tells me.

The little wolf sits up suddenly, nods her head to Thunder and takes off.

“Thunder, go after her.” I yell at him.

“No, she is testing me. If you want to know who she is, we need her trust. Right now she is testing that trust.” Thunder says.

“Ok, so when can I meet who she is? “ I ask him.

“Soon, very soon.” He says.


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Chapter 59


We were meeting with the warriors, rallying them to fight with me against my father. The warriors had this stone face look to them, I could not tell if they would be on my side or not.

Suddenly we were all mind linked, “Rogues attacking on the east border.”

“f**k, it’s starting early.” I said to the w……


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