Shadows of Darkness

Shadows of Darkness


Daydreamer Fantasy

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A human girl, Celeste, who is completely unaware of the supernatural world witnesses a murder one night that makes her question her sanity. It was not enough to disrupt the balance of her life, a storm named Kieran enters her life as well, everything about Kieran screams trouble, and her brain keeps telling her to run away from him but her heart has some other plans.
Will this storm named Kieran shatter her entire world or will he make her see the dark truth hiding behind her perfect life?

This story could be read as a stand-alone but if you are planning to read 'Illusion and Reality' or 'The Enchanted Flame' there are some major spoilers in this story.

This book is on hold currently.


Tags: HEdramamysteryanother worldenemies to lovers
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