Touch Me, Honey

Touch Me, Honey


Elk Entertainment Romance

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"Who are you? What do you want?" Bella shouted at the handsome yet strange man in front of her.
"Let's do it." He uttered in a deep voice and took off his trousers.
"Oh my gosh! Are you crazy?!" Bella screamed as she saw the huge manhood right in front of her face.
"You are the only one that can make me get hard. Cure me and you can get whatever you want." The young CEO said while gazing intensively at Bella.
Bella had a twin brother who was an expert in men's health. Because of that, she was mistakenly kidnapped and forced to become the powerful CEO, James Parker's personal physician!
Bella thought she would escape from that dominant man when the treatment finished. However, he stopped her from running away and claimed she was the only one who could make him get hard.
How could that be possible?
Since then, Bella got stuck with James.
What should she do?


Tags: HEforceddominantpowerfulstudentsweetbxg
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Chapter 258 - The Wedding

As they had time to kill, Tony took the chance to tell Sybil about James’ idea.

“Sybil, James wanted you to be in charge of the new designs.”

Without hesitation, she replied, “I’ll do it!”

“But it’s going to be hard. And time is limited…”

“I can do it! I will go to the company tomorrow,” Sybil insisted.



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