Marionette of Corpses

Marionette of Corpses


Akarin_Rishna Game

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No one knows that the world will end in just a single night. After an unexpected rift appeared in several parts of the world, An SCP researcher, Rize Maria, found herself stuck inside the SCP institute with all the SCPs freed from their containment. Her life was cut short when she was captured by an SCP that renders her trapped inside a distorted space filed with blood and gore. Her 24 years old mind is shredded from every last bit of sanity, and she was convinced that she no longer had attachment to her original world. But suddenly, she escaped from the distorted space?
And what's with this sudden urge to eat humans?


Tags: darkloserapocalypseanother world
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Chapter 3

Rize’s POV

In the midst of shock and confusion, I dropped the SCP-106’s head I was holding. It fell down on the floor with a splatter like a mushy meat. Despite not in my grasp anymore, for some reason, the head is still intact even though its body withered along with the pocket dimension.

I snapped from my daze and landed my g……


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