Little Do I Know ( Completed)

Little Do I Know ( Completed)


Kjclassics15 Paranormal

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The nerve of this guy I mean he won't just leave. Adam is mine. I can feel my wolf coming to the surface and I shift charging for him. He sees me and smiles as if he welcomes the challenge and shifts to charging at me. He strikes and I dodge before I have time to recover he bites my leg and growls telling me to surrender I do for my babies. He turns from my body and howls as if in triumph, that's when I bare my canines and bit him in the neck. Next, thing you know I can read his mind and I realized what I did...................................................................


Tags: alphasex
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Chapter 3

When I went into the girl's locker room I couldn't help but giggle. The whole day seems to get better and I felt so lucky. But you can only have a good day for a while, till something comes and ruins it.

"What are you giggling about"

"excuse me"

"Lena, wat a weird nickname for a nobody, that lives in the shadow of her all-star ……


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