High Tech System

High Tech System


Harly Boy Science Fiction

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Jin Sung is a young college graduate that is smarter than the average people, he was of humble birth, although it doesn't mean much in his world, as the people don't care about status or money. He is driven and easy-going. with rumors about foreign aliens that will attack them broadcasted constantly, Jin Sung immediately joins a team tasked to create a new type of nuclear-powered weapons, on the day when he was about to finish the last touch of the weapon, it exploded with blinding light as it kills everyone in the lab. He thought he was dead until he woke up in a dark alley, alone within the darkness, he recalled what happens and questions his whereabouts, that was when a foreign yet familiar memory painfully entered his mind, and to his shock, he realized that he just entered someone's body and was transferred to a new world. After he searched around his new memory he found out that the new world has different laws of physics, magic exists in this world where people can fly, crushed mountains, and tame the sea, but the bad news was not everyone can use magic, and these people are discriminated, enslaved and badly treated, he found out that he had a sister in this world and parents who had been killed by a cultivator for a foolish reason. He was angered, he couldn't stand that people are badly treated and killed just because they couldn't use magic and with that, he had a goal that he will change this world for the better, where people don't need to care about status and money, everyone can chase their dreams and ambition without worry, and most importantly he will change the world so people can chase their prosperity.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationsystemwarriorcaptainmale leadmercenarysoldiersniperanother worldengineerStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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The Final Fight!

Jin Sung eyed the ceiling of the truck. Waiting and hoping for someone to rescue him. The screen on the wall buzzed as it broke. He sighed. Done was his hope to bring the freedom he promised to everyone, his army was decimated, and he could not move a single arm. The only thing he could do was lay on the ground and wait, wait until something hap……


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