Killing Game Quarter

Killing Game Quarter


Jacket Josh Suspense/Thriller

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11 Students wake up in a completely isolated building, with no way out, and no way to tell the time of day. They are forced to follow the rules of a "Killing Game' in order to earn their freedom, where murdering means a potential escape. From personal tensions and handpicked motivations, will they be able to find a way out before they all drop dead?


Tags: murderdarkkickass heroinestudentno-couplemysterysecretswhodunnitcrime
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Chapter 10 Part 2

With that, we all exited the cafeteria, with me leading the way as usual. Most of the team followed, while people like chefs and most of the cleaning crew stayed behind to clean up everything so that no evidence would be left behind. Amber was the only exception, following us as I needed her to clean up specific areas.

As we neared the cro……