'Til Kingdom Comes - The Banished Prince Vol 4: The System

'Til Kingdom Comes - The Banished Prince Vol 4: The System


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The mention of the word 'accident' took me by surprise and Max tried to hide it by calling it an incident instead. Doesn't that mean the same thing?

"What accident, Max? Come on... Spill it out." I exhorted him since he had made a slip of a tongue.

"Errmm... Its an accident that had brought you to be transmigrated about and around, occupying other people's body while retaining your mind and soul. I don't know how I shall put it to you, Sam but I, Errmm... You had passed away peacefully some hours back and that's the reason why you are here."

My eyes went wide as saucers this time and I can't help but gaped in surprise and shock when I heard that I had passed away peacefully...! When did it happen and how did it happen at all...??!!

"Wh... Wh..." I could only stammer out as the words refused to be formed in my head and thus only unintelligible words could come out from my mouth at this point of time.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationsystemaloofkingbxgkickingmagical worldanother worldrebirth/rebornkingdom buildingWriting Academy
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Thursday, 12th January 1443
Phoenix and Eagle managed to procure the main ingredient that we wanted to make the Improvised Explosive Device to surprise the trolls when the time comes. The 500 pounds of saltpetre had been loaded up with the help of the other guards as our militia were engaged in the meeting with King Henry.

The keg that……


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