Timeless Hero Without a Goal

Timeless Hero Without a Goal


Sum dud Fantasy

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There exists a man, he is a Myth, created by humans to make believe there was hope in the world. One day, a girl meets a man, and their adventure was set.
In a world where the human world was taken over by the demons led by the Devil and his ten generals, things were looking grim.
They travel the world, encountering the demon generals and other abnormalities, all in search of the Devil.
Just where would their travels bring them?


Tags: adventuretime-travelotherstragedycomedyno-couplemale leadmagical worldspecial ability
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There was a Myth. A Myth, rather, a story. It detailed a story of a man and woman. They had met and gone around, saving the world from the grasp of the demons. They had brought about peace, peace and prosperity to the human world, and had brought about order.

It was a Myth, made to teach kids the values of loyalty and righteousness. How s……