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Rain was a regular girl. Parents. Girlfriend. A regular life. At most, her dreams were weird.
Until the accident.
Everything she loved, almost everyone she cared for, was gone. Emi was all that remained.
And nothing else was the same either. Spirits, demons and angels, floated into her vision. Wicked dreams haunted her waking world.
Took all she had and more to keep from losing her mind.
Then, there was Emi’s crazy idea – “If you can do something about them, maybe you should. Maybe it’ll help.”
Everyone told her she was grieving. Her father was gone barely a month. A little bit of time and she’d be fine.
Nel couldn’t accept that. She wasn’t making them up. Things were weird. People were acting weird. Her flat was different, changing everyday. Like someone else was living there. And she had seen with her two eyes her father’s face in the streets.
She needed help. And then, she met Rain.
A whole other world was beckoning, holding the door wide open. And Rain could only walk through.


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