Vendetta's Howl: The Betrayed Ex-Alpha

Vendetta's Howl: The Betrayed Ex-Alpha


Tosin Olasehinde Paranormal

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When Lilah Macurry, future alpha of Coral Pack, sacrifices her rightful position for love, she expects her mate, Roddick, once a rogue, to crown her Luna.
Instead, he rejects her and plots her secret assassination. Betrayed and left for dead, Lilah encounters the enigmatic Lycan King, who's also succumbing to a deadly curse. With only three months left to live, he offers to help her exact revenge.
As they work together, their bond grows stronger, but the Lycan King's impending demise looms over them. Can he find a way to express his feelings before it's too late, or will their love be doomed by fate?
”Three months,' I whisper to myself, the words tasting like bitter poison. 'Three months to avenge her past, to protect her future, and to confess my love. But will it be enough time to make her see me, truly see me, before I disappear into the darkness forever?”
Ryker will stop at nothing to protect her, but as he follows her on the journey of revenge, he discovers there was more to him that concerns her.


Tags: alphaHEage gapcursebadboypowerfulno-couplelightheartedpacktricky
Latest Updated
Chapter 5: A Woman with No Heart

Ryker’s POV

“What did you say, Tessa?” I asked, dumbfounded by her outburst. “What did you just say?”

“My king, I don't understand myself... she has no heartbeat, and she's still breathing.”

“Does that make any sense at all?”

“It doesn't... me……


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