Quantum Leap Vol. 7 Fausto japan KabushikiGaisha

Quantum Leap Vol. 7 Fausto japan KabushikiGaisha


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The men stood up, saluted and sat down back which means they are not the ambassadors anymore and there is no more talk about work. "Kid, can we ask for some of the hair shampoos because we had some the other day and wanted to try some others too."

"Hahahahaha... Go on right ahead then. Let the girls know you that you are taking some for your own use. At this moment, use a rice bowl or something to store those Hae Shanpu, alright? Wait for the official bottles to be ready and then you can just come over to the factories and help yourselves to the merchandise."

I burst out laughing because one moment we are so formal and the next we are like friends. After the men had helped themselves to some shampoo that they had carried in a small rice bowl, another idea struck me right above my head.


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationcomedybisexualkickingmultiverseanother worldfaceslappingrebirth/rebornkingdom buildingWriting Academy
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Miko reached out and placed it in her hands and it became clear and purified once again after not been handled by Miko for a very long time.
" Harune, you had never gone to the shrine where I had placed this Sekai No Dairiseki on a prayer stand and yet you could conjure up the similar stand and scene that I had personally made for it. How do ……


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