The Last One Standing

The Last One Standing


im_quasimodo Science Fiction

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Imagine a world were there are no females you could not really imagine it?

It's the year 2042 and females no longer exist on Earth anymore, Draco Maxwell has taken over the world and has brainwashed males to thinking females are no longer needed.

Now it's up to Nami the only girl in the world that has actually survived the brutal attacks by Draco's army now its up to Nami to get revenge on Draco and bring justice to all females that have been killed by Draco and his evil army.

Will she do and will she be alone?


Tags: forbiddenkickass heroineindependentno-coupleheavyscaryfeminismlonelyStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Chapter Four: Hopeful

Chapter Four: Hopeful

I sat in silence looking around at the dingy room I sigh leaning back on the chair Enzo and Yehuda have been gone for the past 15 minutes leaving me in the enclosed space, I sigh with frustration thinking to myself how could be be so stupid. I should have just left the river were I saw Birch and could have look……