Wildfire at Dawn

Wildfire at Dawn


M. L. Buchman Suspense/Thriller

638 reads

“The Firehawks and Night Stalker series will captivate your imagination with their spirited and intelligent look at the men and women who risk their lives everyday.” - Reading Café

-a Firehawks Smokejumpers romance-
Johnny Akbar Jepps, lead smokejumper for Mount Hood Aviation, is always first out of the plane, first into the fire, and first with the ladies. But the one thing he never puts on the line? His heart. Until he meets a woman who gallops away with it.

Laura Jenson, wilderness guide and expert horsewoman, leads tourists from the Mount Hood Timberline Lodge into the wilds of Oregon. She knows the game and has no interest in some lady-killing, full-of-himself smokejumper. Not until Johnny lights her heart on fire.

They both risk everything without getting burned in the Wildfire at Dawn.


Tags: firefighter
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Chapter 12-3

Akbar dove at Laura, driving her to the ground with a flying full-body tackle as the gas-filled wine bottle exploded, splashing a circle of fire for a dozen feet in every direction.

Some of it struck the cabin wall.

It had also coated the back of her gear in flame. He kept her in a bear hug and rolled her away from the flame, o……


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